The purpose of this website, TrueCosmeticPlasticSurgeons.com,  is to educate the public about the qualifications of board certified plastic surgeons who specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery.  In order to distinguish these specialists from other types of doctors who perform “cosmetic surgery”  and/or designate themselves as “cosmetic surgeons” or “cosmetic doctors” the acronym T.R.U.E. is utilized.  The T.R.U.E. acronym is applied to cosmetic plastic surgeons who have been Trained in an accredited residency program in plastic surgery,  have Real board certification in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, have Unrestricted hospital admitting and operating privileges in the specialty of plastic surgery, and have Expertise in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the entire body.

For ease of publication, the T.R.U.E. acronym may be abbreviated without the punctuation as “TRUE” instead of “T.R.U.E.” throughout the website.  Likewise, “TRUE Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons” and “TRUE Plastic Surgeons” are used interchangeably in the text.

We recognize that there are other accredited residency training programs, other real board certifications, and other types of hospital admitting and operating room privileges which do not apply to the specialty of plastic surgery, and that there are other areas of expertise for other types of doctors who are not plastic surgeons as defined by the TRUE criteria.  The TRUE criteria of TRUECosmeticPlasticSurgeons.com apply only to plastic surgeons and cosmetic plastic surgeons, and does not speak to or address any other type of physician or practitioner.

The content of the website is both fact and opinion.  As such, some people may disagree with certain statements made within the website.  It is our opinion that those plastic surgeons who meet the TRUE criteria, in general, have the most extensive training and are the most highly qualified in the field of plastic surgery which includes both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

There are other doctors who designate themselves as cosmetic surgeons or cosmetic doctors who do not meet the TRUE criteria as stated in this website and who, therefore, are not listed on this website.  There may be doctors who are board certified in a specialty other than plastic surgery and have had training in cosmetic surgery.  As such, it is the responsibility of the public to verify any such doctors’ qualifications.

It is not the intent or purpose of this website to assess or scrutinize any other type of doctor or their qualifications other than those listed herein under the TRUE criteria.

The purpose of this website is to educate the public about the qualifications of cosmetic plastic surgeons and to encourage their research into their potential surgeon.  The purpose is to present factual information so that the public may make an informed decision.  In order to make the distinction it is important for the public to know that there may be physicians in the community who may be mistaken as plastic surgeons and/or perceived to have a greater degree of training than they actually have.  The content in this regard is meant to be non-specific to any particular physicians in the community.  Any statement made within the website that appears to be directed towards any particular or specific physician, practitioner, medical or surgical practice, or medical or surgical specialty in our community is purely unintentional.